Snr Cnst Llew O’Brien
Snr Cnst Llew O’Brien

LNP fights back over ‘skeletons’

DAVID Gibson's former campaign manager Llew O'Brien has been cleared of involvement in the "inappropriate" public release of the criminal allegations which last year ended Mr Gibson's political career.

But yesterday, former LNP Gympie branch chairman Ian Gordon accused Snr Cnst O'Brien of being part of a campaign to destroy Mr Gibson and pave the way for Tony Perrett to replace him as the party's endorsed 2015 election candidate.

Mr Gordon said party officials had travelled from Brisbane to over-rule the votes of local party members and ensure that local businessman and dairy farmer John Cochrane was dissuaded from running against Mr Perrett.

Mr Gordon, who resigned from the LNP on Saturday, accused Snr Cnst O'Brien of being part of organisational "bullying" of grass roots members in the "pursuit of power at all costs."

He said he had been "personally bullied and threatened by members of State Executive after writing and making comments about (Snr Cnst O'Brien and his wife Sharon)."

THE LNP yesterday rejected allegations by its former Gympie chairman Ian Gordon against local party official and Kilkivan police officer Llew O'Brien.

The party's communications manager Matt Dunstan denied the party had over-ruled the democratic will of members in pre-selecting Mr Perrett.

And he backed Snr Cnst O'Brien against Mr Gordon's claims, saying Mr Gordon had "never made a formal complaint against Llew O'Brien, who is a well-regarded member of the LNP. "Mr O'Brien is also a respected member of the local police service and continues to serve his community in that role.

"The LNP is a proudly democratic party of 14,000 members in which local branch members choose their local candidates," Mr Dunstan said.

Mr Gordon told The Gympie Times yesterday of concerns about Snr Cnst O'Brien's role within the party and his association with Rainbow Beach development advocate Scott Elms.

It was Mr Elms who released the 1999 allegations which led to Mr Gibson's "nervous breakdown" and his decision to step down from State politics at the January 31 election.

Mr Gordon also referred to police ethical investigators finding that Snr Cnst O'Brien had "inappropriately accessed police information (on) two LNP pre-selection candidates for the seat of Nanango prior to the 2012 election."

Although Snr Cnst O'Brien said he had not been found guilty of any major offence and had not been subject to any recommendation for disciplinary actin or any "adverse reference" on his personal file, Mr Gordon said: "I can now reveal that when he was on the powerful State Executive of the LNP he was using Queensland Police resources to vet candidates in the 2012 state election."

Snr Cnst O'Brien denied this had been at the direction of the LNP and was a normal "police operational matter" on which he could not comment.

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