Long Island resort closed

CLUB Croc Long Island Resort closed on Saturday and is due to re-open for trade on April 1.

A spokesperson for Ocean Hotels and Tourism said they were closing to address damage to the resort by Cyclone Yasi and to complete the planned refurbishment of the restaurant which was delayed due to recent events.

The spokesperson said this time frame would provide the perfect opportunity to make sure all works were completed and the resort would be refreshed.

General manager of the resort Michelle Flynn said she hoped all 28 staff would have jobs when the island resort re-opened in April.

She said some staff had headed to Long Island's sister property at Cape Tribulation to help with the tidy up efforts after Cyclone Yasi.

Ms Flynn said others had taken the opportunity to take annual leave during what was traditionally a quiet period anyway.

She said others had also been offered some hours on Daydream Island. Ms Flynn said the damage caused by Cyclone Yasi was from tidal surge on the south eastern beach.

“It is underground problems to water and sewerage rather than anything above the ground,” she said.

Ocean Hotels and Tourism will continue to operate Club Crocodile Airlie Beach as normal.

According to the resort's website, it was originally known as ‘Happy Bay' as was first opened in 1934.

Throughout World War II, all resorts on Long Island closed and then Happy Bay changed hands several times before 1949 when the Mountney family took over.

The Mountneys transformed Happy Bay from a local resort into one of national standing.

The resort again changed hands in 1984 and was basically rebuilt by the founder of Contiki Holidays.

In 1994 Club Crocodile took over Long Island Resort.

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