DEDICATION: Winner Sandra Dixon's transformation.
DEDICATION: Winner Sandra Dixon's transformation. F45 Training Mackay

From a size 14 to 8 in eight weeks

MACKAY just got a whole lot lighter after some residents have successfully kicked off their weight loss resolution before 2017 ran out of time.

F45 Training Mackay has finished their first eight-week challenge since the new fitness centre on the block opened and the results left the trainers "gobsmacked" and "nearly into tears".

The challenge began on October 1, just two weeks after opening, and has since seen unrecognisable transformations.

Ross Armstrong, winner of the male category, lost a staggering 13.35kg and whopping 15.5cm around his stomach.


Winner Ross Armstrong's transformation.
Winner Ross Armstrong's transformation. F45 Training Mackay

"Ross, what a guy, just came in one day and wanted to join and now he's feeling better than ever," said F45 owner and trainer Lee Renshaw.

"He looked like a new bloke and we told him that too... he knocked this challenge out of the park."

Winner of the female category Sandra Dixon amazed Renshaw with her determination and attitude towards the challenge.

Sandra had a few motivational tactics up her sleeve which helped along the way.

"She kind of knew she was going to win," Renshaw said.

"But when you want something that much, I believe you're going to get it."

Sandra asked for a photo with the trophy before the challenge had ended to keep the determination strong.

Renshaw also revealed she was writing quotes in her diary that the trainers had said during training sessions.

"Team training, life changing, you got to dig deep, challenge yourself, pain is only temporary... whatever it was, she wrote it down," he said.

After the eight week challenge, every participant had their after photos, percentage of body weight and measurements taken, which determined the winners.

Renshaw said that Sandra literally "had to hold her underwear up" for the after photo.

"We had to tell her to go to the shops and get something that fits," he said.

"Seriously from a size 14 to an 8 in eight weeks... nearly broke into tears when I was measuring those guys."

The pair are now in the running to win for Queensland, Australia and on a global scale, with a two week holiday in Greece at stake for the world winner.

Having only opened in September, looking back at what the business has achieved in such a short amount of time, Renshaw said "we're doing so much better than what we've expected".

Not only juggling a business, but also a 7-month-old baby at home with his wife, he also added "it's been hectic don't get me wrong".

"Challenging for the body, the brain, the family side of things but we've stayed strong."

The next challenge kicks off January 29, 2018 and the trainers are ready.

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