Reece Low will play Boom this Friday night.
Reece Low will play Boom this Friday night.


NOT all DJs are created equal.

Dance floor master Reece Low is evidence of this phenomenon, so don't miss your chance to bust it with the legend before he leaves Australia for an up-coming tour of the UK.

For one night only the Melbourne-based artist will deliver his trade marked up-front club-house sound to the crew in the house at Boom this Friday night.

This gig is s definitely not to be missed.

Renown musical Mecca, Melbourne has the reputation for delivering some of the most formidable and talented musical artists who have gone onto to take the world by storm.

When they created Reece Low they gave him that extra bit of something special.

Off the back of his latest collaboration with international DJ/ producer TJR & Fatman and Scoop, Boom welcomes Reece Low back to the Whitsunday before he jets off overseas.

Reece Low has trail-blazed his way through the ranks to transform from a kid with potential to Australia's most formidable, prominent and well-respected artists.

An unrivalled combination of production finesse, DJ ability, and on-stage presence has created the Reece Low that is now found headlining at the best clubs all over the world and delivering his unique sounds to packed dance floors world wide week in week out.

When not doing the rounds of his top tier residencies across Australia you are bound to find Reece performing to sold out floors through out Europe, North America and Asia.

His energetic and memorable DJ performances have not gone unnoticed either with Reece Low being awarded a top 25 DJ in the annual In The mix DJ awards the last two years.

It is all guns blazing as Reece continues to leave a trail of bomb records, dance floor destruction, and an ever-growing dedicated fan base of the Reece Low army.

This Friday Reece Low will be proudly supported by resident Boom DJs Dirty Treble, Sticks and Deejay Micko.


  • WHAT: Reece Low
  • WHERE: Boom
  • WHEN: February 24
  • COST: Free before 11pm

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