BREAKING 10.50AM: A MACKAY funeral home owner has threatened to sue Mayor Greg Williamson after the council refused its development application for a crematorium. 

Whitsunday Funerals and Crematorium owner Jeff Boyle was evicted from the Mackay Regional Council meeting after pointing and shouting at the Mayor.

He said the council told him to spend $30,000 on the property to put a crematorium in the Mackay CBD. 

He then said the council was corrupt. 

Mayor Greg Williamson refuted the claims. 

Councillors refused the application unanimously stating it did not comply with the new planning scheme.

Mr Boyle was asked more than once to leave but refused. 

He started walking towards the Mayor as he continued his tirade. 

Mr Boyle's path was blocked by council CEO Craig Doyle. 

Mr Boyle and Mr Doyle were faced off as the tirade continued. 

There was no pushing or shoving and Mr Boyle eventually left the council chambers. 

As he left Cr Williamson said time to go Mr Boyle. 

He rebutted with "time for the council to go".

Council targets wild dogs

Council targets wild dogs

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Local sports in the one spot

Local sports in the one spot

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Conservation on the menu

Conservation on the menu

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