ANGER MISMANAGEMENT: Mackay man Sam Conroy will likely face charges for throwing a cat against a wall in Ipswich.
ANGER MISMANAGEMENT: Mackay man Sam Conroy will likely face charges for throwing a cat against a wall in Ipswich. Contributed

Mackay man speaks out after viral cat abuse video

A MACKAY man caught hurling a cat over a fence and into a wall in a sickening viral video has described his "extreme regret".

Sickening footage emerged last week of a man dressed in high-vis tradesmen gear picking up a black cat and throwing it over a fence in Ipswich.

The man and his two friends can be seen covering their mouths to stifle their laughter.

Footage of the incident was leaked to the Queensland media, sparking community outrage.


Sam Conroy, 19, originally of Mackay, admits he was the man who threw the cat.

"I am incredibly sorry, I am extremely regretful of what I did," he said.

"There's no going away from it, I am the one that did it in the video.

"There's nothing to lie about and nothing to hide, it's just a stupid act I did."

Mr Conroy, who currently lives and works in Ipswich, said he has had about 4000 message requests on Facebook, from people all across the country sending him death threats.

He has been pushed twice from behind while walking on the street since the video went viral.

One of the death threats to Mr Conroy reads; "I was just wondering if me and a few mates could throw you hard against the wall you sick b------".

But the teenager said it is all deserved. "I'd be the exact same if I saw someone do this to a dog," Mr Conroy said.

"It's been pretty hectic, it hasn't been the best.

"I don't really like cats at all and just seeing what the world actually sees in cats I feel like I have a little bit of a liking for cats.

"I see where people are coming from."

Mr Conroy said the incident was uncharacteristic, and he was not on alcohol or drugs.

He said the cat belongs to a mate's mother who used to live in the house but moved to Melbourne without it.

"It (the cat) angered me pretty much and I didn't think about my actions," he said.

"The one question that has come up a lot it 'what did the cat ever do to you', and it never did anything really.

"I don't know what I can do now, let's be real no amount of sorry will make up for it."

Mr Conroy said it has been "heart-turning" thinking about what will happen to him should he be charged with animal cruelty.

He said the cat walked home about 10 minutes later and laid on a bench.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said charges of animal cruelty are expected to be laid early this week.

"The cat is with us at our facility in Wacol," Mr Beatty said.

"You know what they say about cats with nine lives, it's not a happy cat at the moment but it's not got any major injuries... no broken bones.

"Unfortunately our inspectors see a lot of stuff that is very unpleasant but the situation is that now people more and more seem to be posting stuff on social media... and in a way they usually get caught."

If found guilty of animal cruelty, Conroy could face a maximum penalty of three years jail and a fine of $220,000.

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