Man accused of shattering victim's cheekbone outside hotel

THE trial of a man accused of shattering another man's cheekbone outside the Queenslander Hotel in the early hours of March 1, 2013 has begun in the Bundaberg District Court.

Jacobb Noel Olive, 22, plead not guilty to grievous bodily harm following the alleged altercation which left Jack Warren-Halliday requiring surgery at a Brisbane hospital.

Crown prosecutor Shauna Rankine told the court that throughout the trial up to 12 witnesses would give evidence, including friends of both the defendant and the complainant, people helping out as security at the hotel and the complainant.

Ms Rankine said shortly after 3am Warren-Halliday arrived at the Queenslander after lockout and was refused entry.

She said the complainant waved to his friends, who were inside the hotel, and was having a laugh with them when Olive was escorted outside.

"Mr Olive was taken outside very close to where Jack was," she said.

Miss Rankine said the crown will allege the defendant spoke to the complainant in an aggressive manner, swearing at him before the defendant was marshalled away.

She said Olive circled back and as Warren-Halliday was walking towards McDonalds the defendant punched the complainant at least once.

"In short his cheek was crushed," Ms Rankine said.

"The face on that side was flattened."

Ms Rankine said during the trial the jury would hear an interview Olive gave to police the day of the incident, but she said Olive's recollection did not match other witnesses.

"He did give a version completely different from everyone else's," she said. 

The first witness to give evidence on Monday was the complainant who told the court he had limited memory of the 

alleged incident.

"He (Olive) keep getting more aggressive and I woke up on the ground," he said.

"My face felt weird. "I didn't know anything at all."

Mr Warren-Halliday said an ambulance was called but he initially declined and instead caught a taxi home.

"I wanted to get out of there," he said. Mr Warren-Halliday said he went home and woke up a few hours later to find his bed sheets covered in blood.

He said his roommate called and ambulance and he was taken to Bundaberg Hospital before being transported to Brisbane where he underwent facial surgery.

In cross examination, defence lawyer Kate McMahon asked Warren-Halliday if he had said to Olive "Let's go" or "I can take you", to which the complainant replied "I can't remember".

The court was also showed the interview during which Olive spoke with Detective Senior Constable David May on the day of the incident.

"He was grinning like he wanted to fight me," Olive said.

Olive said he didn't want to fight and he tried to defend himself.

"He (the complainant) swung at me and I blocked it and shin kicked him and walked away," Olive said.

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