Man 'dangled officer from balcony'

A VIOLENT criminal dangled a police officer from a 3.65m high balcony in Caboolture when he was caught with cannabis in his pocket.

Bowman Charles Davidson, 38, grabbed the officer in a "bear hug" and pushed more than half the officer's body over the railing.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook told Brisbane District Court the officer's head was facing toward the ground and other police had use a taser on Davidson.

"He believed he was to be thrown from the balcony," he said.

Mr Cook said police previously had caught Davidson - who grew up in Cherbourg - without a ticket on a train at Caboolture but he had given a false name.

He said when officers followed up with Davidson they saw him throw a bag, with 3.5g of cannabis, from his balcony.

The dangling incident occurred when an officer tried to handcuff him.

Davidson pleaded guilty to serious assault and seven summary charges on Thursday but Mr Cook said they followed 15 violence convictions, resulting in 11 jail sentences.

He said the offences included biting a woman, throwing a rock at a 16-year-old girl, raping a 17-year-old girl and throwing a lit cigarette at a police officer.

Mr Cook said police had an "onerous and dangerous" job with many challenges while arguing the community should be protected from Davidson.

Defence barrister Steve Kissick said his client did not intend to throw the police officer over the balcony but accepted "he could have fallen".

He said Davidson - who would live with his mother in Cherbourg upon release - knew he had to "seriously address" his cannabis issue.

Mr Kissick asked the court not to jail Davidson for too long because he wanted to spend time with his terminally ill 86-year-old grandmother at her home in Woorabinda, near Rockhampton.

Judge Tony Rafter said the incident "must have been terrifying" for the police officer.

"Not surprisingly, he feared serious injury or worse," he said.

Davidson was sentenced to two years jail but was released immediately on parole because he had already served 265 days in custody.

Timeline of violence

  • 1990: Female received bites to face and chest as well as cuts and black eyes.
  • 1990: Threw a rock twice at a 16yo girl, hit her in the torso. Then threatened to kill her.
  • 1993: Threw a lit cigarette at a police officer which burned his trousers.
  • 1994: Punched someone in the face twice and then chased with a shovel.
  • 1999: He and his mate raped a 17yo girl walking home from her 17th birthday party.
  • 2006: Struck a man walking home from a party and told them he was going to kill them. Victim had stitches and needed arm plastered for fracture.

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