Alfred Sitters.
Alfred Sitters. Ross Irby

Man found sobbing teen, offered to help, then raped her

SOBBING as she walked alone on a dark street after midnight, the upset teenager did not expect a stranger who walked over to ask how she was, would rape her on the bitumen road.

But a jury has found Alfred "Alfie" Sitters guilty of raping the 18-year-old on Victoria St.

The two people had never met before their chance meeting in the night.

Dishevelled and dirty, she made her way to the East End Hotel where she got help.

After hearing two days of evidence in the District Court trial in which Sitters, 33, denied raping and sexually assaulting the teen about 1am on November 8, 2015, it took the jury just over two hours to reach its guilty verdict on rape, and two counts of sexual assault.

Prosecutor Clare Kelly said the teen left a nearby party after midnight to walk home to friends where she was staying.

She was upset and crying as she had to leave her footwear behind because of a disagreement with someone.

Sitters had crossed the street to talk to her, and she initially agreed to walk home with him and sleep on the couch.

He assisted her and held her around the wrist and shoulder.

Although she had been drinking alcohol at the party, the teen denied being 'grossly intoxicated'.

She said she was just a bit tipsy.

The Crown pointed out to the jury that the teen's computer-generated image from her description to police could not have been too impaired by alcohol because of its accuracy in being very similar to his appearance at the time.

After she changed her mind about walking to his house, the teen said the stranger suddenly put his hand down her singlet top and felt her breast. She pushed him away.

Sitters grabbed her from behind and kissed her on the mouth.

She had pushed him away with force, nearly fallen and recalled he had slowed her fall by holding her waist then gently put her down on the road.

With Sitters on top of her, the teen said she tried to kick him off but her arms had been pinned before her assailant pulled both his and her pants down.

In cross-examination she said she had tried to run but fell. "You're my girlfriend," Sitters had said to her.

In evidence, which the jury later sought clarified, the teen had said nothing to Sitters while being assaulted.

"He did everything to me," she told a patron who later found her distressed outside the East End Hotel sometime after 2am.

There were no issues of identity in the trial - DNA linked Sitters to the teen and he did not deny having sex with her, his defence being that it had been consensual.

Defence Barrister Doug Winning said people, after drinking alcohol, became "disinhibited, doing things they otherwise wouldn't have done" - even having sex on the aisles of planes.

Sitters will be sentenced by Judge William Everson today.

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