Magistrate to defendant: 'No more of your bulls--- excuses'

A WARWICK man who spent a morning in the park instead of appearing for a court date has endured the wrath of a displeased magistrate.

Raymond George Alldridge finally fronted the Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday morning after a failure to show up on Monday led to a warrant for his arrest being issued.

Alldridge and his partner and co-accused Samantha Joanne Martin both surrendered to Warwick Police yesterday.

They are each charged with three counts of stealing after a previous conviction, one of stealing and one of contravening a police order.

Counsel for 39-year-old Alldridge told the court his client was in Leslie Park when he was due to appear in court on Monday, as that is where he thought he had to meet his lawyer.

But Magistrate Bevan Manthey wasn't buying it.

Although he agreed to revoke the warrants, he did so with a stern warning.

"No more of your bull**** excuses - your bail says court not the bloody tree across the road in the park," Mr Manthey said.

"I don't get bitten by the same dog twice...stop stuff-arseing everyone around."

Alldridge and Martin, 28, are due to reappear back in the court on August 3.

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