Man tried to stash weed in his backside

NOT even an Ipswich man's bum could sufficiently hide a bag of marijuana from police.

Harley Lee Scrivener used the cheeky method to conceal the small stolen clip seal bag while he was in a Brisbane watchhouse.

Scrivener had been extradited from New South Wales to Queensland to be sentenced for breaking, entering and stealing about $30,000 in goods.

He was hoping to smoke the marijuana in jail.

Before returning to Queensland he served 10 months jail for his involvement in a police pursuit in Lismore, NSW.

On Friday in the Brisbane District Court Scrivener pleaded guilty to breaking into a Pine Mountain fire station and stealing a jerry can on November 20, 2012.

He later broke into a Pine Mountain house and stole $10,000 in jewellery and $20,000 in goods.

Scrivener, who is now 22, also pleaded guilty to unlawfully using a Toyota Rav4 in November and December, 2012, and stealing the bag of cannabis and pipe in October, 2013.

He broke into the fire station and house while on parole after being imprisoned for other crimes.

Defence lawyer Clare Giarola told Judge Anthony Rafter Scrivener committed the offences not long after his stepmother and uncle died.

She said Scrivener's partner, who was in court to support him, also lost their unborn child at that time. Ms Giarola said he had struggled with drug use and had turned to marijuana not long after he left school at 15 years old, the age he first appeared before a court.

She said he later began injecting speed and heroin.

Judge Rafter handed down a six-month jail term to be followed by a three years of probation.

During that period Scrivener must take part in counselling, inform Corrective Services if moving addresses and seek permission to leave Queensland.



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