Melissa Mermaid has been spotted off the Capricorn Coast, headed towards the Fitzroy River
Melissa Mermaid has been spotted off the Capricorn Coast, headed towards the Fitzroy River

VIDEO: Witnesses tell of seeing Mermaid tail off the Coast

Tuesday 10.45am: Confirmation has been received that a mermaid is travelling inland up the Fitzroy River towards Rockhampton off the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Reports (literally) surfaced last week identifying a mermaid off the Capricorn coast, heading towards the mouth of the Fitzroy River.

A mermaid is an aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. With the tail usually covered in bright vibrant colours, meeting a mermaid is the dream of every little girl.

Four-year-old Capricorn Coast resident Eve Coll reported one of the sightings while playing at the beach.

"I was at the beach playing and I saw a mermaid swimming," said Ms Eve.

"She had long hair and a very lovely tail that she flapped in the air. She was very very pretty and her tail sparkled.

"I don't know where she was going but she was heading towards the river instead of back out to sea."

Residents are interested in the validity of these reports, with many raising the question as to why a mermaid would be in these waters.

Bill Sawynok, from Infofish Australia and one of the coordinators of the Barra Bounty confirms that the sightings are correct.

"We have been monitoring the situation, and are able to confirm that a mermaid has been located travelling up the Fitzroy River," said Mr Sawynock.

"There are a number of water vehicles that utilise the Fitzroy River, so it is important to monitor and investigate reports such as this to ensure the safety of everyone.

"We are pleased to say that we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure her safety while in our waters. But we ask that everyone keeps an eye out for the mermaid during her time in the river."

Manager of Regional Promotions, Ms Sarah Reeves said that she was excited by these reports and was working towards providing options for the special visitor during her stay.

"There is really only one reason why a mermaid would be in these waters, and that is for the Rockhampton River Festival as we celebrate everything beneath the surface," said Ms Reeves.

"The organising team of the festival have spoken to our friends at Yamaha, and we are very lucky that they have a 20 metre fish tank which is suitable for a mermaid to splash and swim in while enjoying the festival.

"It's hard to lock her down as she can spend up to four minutes under water.

As soon as she resurfaces we hope to confirm times for when she can be introduced to visitors at the Rockhampton River Festival.

Monday: REPORTS are circulating that a Mermaid has been spotted off the Capricorn Coast. 

These sightings have been confirmed from a number of different sources, with reports indicating the mermaid is entering the mouth of the Fitzroy River.

The Rockhampton Regional Council has issued a statement saying these sightings are currently being investigated.

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