‘Absolutely crazy’: Tinder bro speaks out

AN AMERICAN college student whose dramatic effort to find a girl on his campus went viral this week has spoken out.

Hayden Moll accidentally rejected a fellow student named Claudia on the hook-up app Tinder and came to immediately regret his clumsy digits. In a rather desperate attempt to undo his mistake, he emailed everyone at the school (which has 26,000 students) who shared her name.

Pretty soon the real Claudia posted the email on Twitter and it quickly went viral, earning the pair their 15 minutes of fame. After a hearty online discussion of whether his move was creepy or romantic, the question on everybody's lips was: did he get the date?

It's looking good for Hayden, who was taken aback by the immense attention the saga has received.

"We had no clue this was going to blow up like it did," he told The Sun.

"I was on Tinder for just two days.

"She caught my eye because obviously I thought she was pretty and I clicked to check out her bio.

"I found her hilarious, so that's what led me to wanting to swipe right," he added.

The real Claudia.
The real Claudia.

Moll explained in the email to "all Claudia's of Missouri State": "I meant to swipe right but that didn't happen. Please message me back with 'right' or 'left' just so I know if you're interested or not.

"If you choose 'right' we could totally get some donuts or something," he wrote.

After Claudia's post was retweeted more than 150,000 times, many following along on social media urged her to go on the date with one user writing: "He made such a romantic gesture. DOnut ... DOnut ... DOnut ..."

Also jumping on the pun train was Twitter user John Bush who backed the date posting: "Donut let this one get away."

Hayden says he has even had offers of dates from other Claudias but as the story went around the world, it was all about the original Claudia and will they, or won't they?

But rest assured, romance is well and truly alive.

"We do plan to go on a doughnut date, later this week," Hayden confirmed to The Sun.

And he wasn't even bothered by his many detractors who thought the campus-wide email was a bit creepy.

"I understand where people are coming from with the stalker thing, but I find it funny and absolutely crazy," he said.

"I enjoy every reaction, honestly."

Well done, mate.

Hayden Moll.
Hayden Moll.

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