SAVED IT: Liam Anlezark, 27, of Coolum would grab his kids and then his phone in the event of a house fire.
SAVED IT: Liam Anlezark, 27, of Coolum would grab his kids and then his phone in the event of a house fire. Brett Wortman

What would be the first thing you'd grab in a house fire?

REAL estate agent Liam Anlezark relies upon his phone, so it is hardly surprising that it would be one of the first things he would grab in the event of a fire.

But not the first.

"I'd grab the kids," said the father of boys Braxton, 3, and Kye.

Mr Anlezark, 27, of Coolum, an agent with Ray White Real Estate, Maroochydore said the second thing he would grab was his phone.

"It's got everything on it, work and everything. Your phone is your life these days," he said.

Mr Anlezark is not alone.

A survey has found iPhones, mobile phones and tablets were the third-most important thing Queenslanders would save in the event of a house fire.

Top of the list that people would grab on their way out the door of their burning home was their wallet, purse or handbag.

Kids did not make the top 20, but pets came in at number two.

The fourth most important thing people would try to save was their driver's licence.

Surprisingly, irreplaceables like photographs did not come in until number five.

Jewellery was number 10.

The top 20 included shoes, sunglasses, a copy of a university degree, and a musical instrument.

What would be the first thing you grabbed in the event of a housefire?

This poll ended on 29 June 2015.

Current Results

My family


My mobile phone


My pets


My handbag and documents like passport and drivers licence




This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Gary Holder, 42, of Mount Coolum, has a good plan should he ever have a house fire.

"I'd try and save the whole house," he said.

"I'd probably save the missus, grab her. And then footy jerseys - just joking. The photo albums."

Pat and Ian Room, who are about to move to the Sunshine Coast, do not have to worry about their photos, which are safely stashed on the personalised cloud storage Sky Drive.

Mrs Room said she would make sure they grabbed their credit card.

"You might not have anything else," she said.

Rachel Rose, 44, of Maleny, has been thinking for some time about what she would do if there was a house fire.

"What I would grab first is a few changes of clothes and my girl and then I'm out of there," she said.

Her friend, Juanita Del Sol Antiss-Imon, 78, of Maleny, would travel light if her house burnt down.

"I don't have children so nothing, absolutely nothing, because material things can be replaced, but life is precious."

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