Nike slammed over its 'disgusting' campaign ad.
Nike slammed over its 'disgusting' campaign ad.

Model defends ‘disgusting’ Nike ad

Within minutes of Nike posting this ad its Instagram page it copped an onslaught of "disgusted" comments.

The image is of Nigerian-American model Annahstasia Enuke showing off her underarm hair for the sportswear brand's latest campaign ad.

It shows the 23-year-old posing in a sports bra with one arm raised in the air on the Nike Women Instagram account.

Nike captioned it "Big mood" with the model later thanking the brand for not editing the image.

But while many found it beautiful and a step in the "right direction", others branded it as "disgusting".

"No dude, this is not freedom this is not a type of "I love my body" this is bulls**t shave that s**t," one of the 6400 comments read.

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Big mood @annahstasia.

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"No!!! Stop this s**t!! That's disgusting," another added. "Like please don't get me wrong I'm delighted that this woman is brave enough to go around like that … but that's horrible."

"It's not cute. Stop this feminist bulls**t saying this s**t is OK. It's not. It's wrong," a third said.

Enuke is known for her natural look, sharing multiple photos on her personal Instagram page showing off her underarms. But those images too have been left with nasty comments by trolls telling her to "shave".

Despite Nike being accused of using the image as a "marketing ploy" to gain attention, many had come to the defence of the sport's brand and model, insisting that they should receive nothing but praise and support, particularly in the wake of society's ever-evolving views about gender and equality.

"Thank you Nike for your support of being natural," one person simply said.

"Why is there so much hate? This photo is beautiful on so many different levels. Love the bra and the model's confidence," another added.

"It's an active human body. Let her be. It's nature what's the problem? Your hair opinions. Having body hair isn't a problem, it's sad your standards are that high for people who don't even know you exist."

Another woman was left raging as she demanded people to stop shaming something that is a personal choice.

"I'm so embarrassed at the fact that most of the negative comments I see are from other women, if it's your personal choice to shave that's okay, if you don't want to shave that's okay," she said.

"Stop f**king shaming others, this doesn't make anyone disgusting or less of a woman because you are hairy."

Enuke praised the brand for choosing not to try and Photoshop her hair out of the campaign.

"Props to the amazing @nikewomen team for not editing out my body hair," she wrote on Instagram while sharing the photos.

Last year as part of an interview with Into the Gloss, the model and musician also spoke out about how her views on natural beauty had changed as she had grown up.

"(My parents) instilled a lot of self-confidence (in me)," she said. "I think that if I didn't have the parents I do, I would be a lot more reserved. Because I grew up in predominantly white areas and I was the only black kid, I always struggled to see myself as beautiful or desirable.

"When none of the boys will look in your direction, and all of the girls are picking at your hair, or putting stuff in your hair, or making comments, you're like, 'Something's wrong with me'."

In 2018, Nike was slammed when it featured NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a new Just Do It campaign who had previously caused controversy by refusing to stand for the national anthem in a protest against racial injustice across the country.

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