The Arctic Monkeys will return to Australia in January 2012.
The Arctic Monkeys will return to Australia in January 2012. Contributed

Monkeys real party animals

BRITISH rockers Arctic Monkeys are willing to travel a long way to find a good party.

The chart-topping four piece are touring Australia over the New Year and the first half of January and frontman Alex Turner said there were some ulterior motivations for signing up to the Falls Festival.

"We were looking for something to do on New Year's Eve. We were trying to find a party," joked Turner.

"The Falls Festival got suggested to us. We heard good things about it. We did the Big Day Out last time (in 2009), so we wanted to try and do something different this time. We spent New Year's three years ago in Australia and we had a really good time by the (Harbour) bridge in Sydney."

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Good friend of the band and Turner's The Last Shadow Puppets band mate Miles Kane is coming along as their support act.

"He's going to blow your mind," Turner said.

"He's really on fire at the moment."

It will be the indie band's first live shows in Australia since releasing their fourth studio album Suck It and See in June.

The record has been hailed as a more mature and diverse follow up to the darker Humbug.

"It has elements of all three in it really," Turner said.

"I think it has some of the sense of humour the first record had, and a bit of the darkness of the third. "I don't know if I'd say it was more mature."

The preparations for Suck It and See were certainly more thought out. The band spent a lot more time working on their songs before going into the studio.

"The plan this time was to get the songs together early on and have them be the guide," he said.

"In the past perhaps it's come from a riff or like different drum parts kicking around and then we'd piece it together. This time we've thought a lot more about what each finished song required in terms of its musical parts and the best way to realise it. We have done a little bit of that before but perhaps not as much as on this one."

While writing songs for Suck It and See, Turner found inspiration in the solo work of The Velvet Underground's John Cale and another, unexpected source.

"I started getting into country music which is something I've never gone anywhere near until quite recently, like I never understood it before," he said.

"I know I'm never going to write a country tune (laughs), that just wouldn't work but for that reason I can draw something from it. They're really sort of smart arses sometimes those guys, like George Jones and that kind of thing. The sound doesn't speak to me but the lyrics do."

Turner revealed the band is recording several B-side tracks in the UK before their Australian tour.

"Black Treacle, the single we're releasing next year, we're recording a B side for that," Turner said.

"It's a little bit more rock'n'roll. A lot of the album was more mellow. Since we put that out the songs we've been doing are a reaction to that. The new ones are a little bit more friendly.

"I quite like going in to do sessions just for B sides. It's a holiday for us. There's no pressure."


The Arctic Monkeys play the Brisbane Riverstage on January 14

Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster

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