Mother's Day Gift Guide 2010

LOOKING for the perfect Mother's Day gift? There's a gift for every budget in the 2010 Mother's Day Gift Guide. Select what type of mum you have to browse a selection of gifts most suited to her style.

Icon for Spiritual Mum

Spiritual Mum

IF she tries to cheer you up with Dalai Lama quotes, the household layout is Feng Shui-friendly and you see her bending in weird positions on the lounge room floor (Yoga); chances are you’ve got a spiritual mum. The well-being of the mind, body and soul are of utmost importance to her.

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Icon for Active Mum

Active Mum

THE active mum doesn’t like to sit still. There’s always something that needs to be done and she’s the one doing it - after her 10km morning run, of course. Camping with an active mum doesn’t just entail toasting low fat marshmallows by the fire; it also means keeping up with her hiking, kayaking and abseiling needs.

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Icon for Fashionable Mum

Fashionable Mum

IT doesn’t matter if she’s doing school drop-offs, juggling a household and work or changing nappies; the fashionable mum always manages to look good. This chic lady prides herself on her appearance and shopping with her girlfriends is her ultimate escape.

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Icon for Creative Mum

Creative Mum

“IF it’s not homemade it’s not from the heart.” Sound familiar? The creative mum, like creativity, comes in all sorts – maybe you’ve never needed a store-bought jumper; mum’s busy working on her manuscript or painting a feature wall; or your lunch looks like abstract art. A creative mum would prefer a Mother’s Day poem to the latest fragrance.

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Icon for Tech-Savvy Mum

Tech-Savvy Mum

YOU don’t need to call a tech-savvy mum’s iPhone to see how she is because you follow her on Twitter. Besides, she’s too busy setting up the new 3D television she ordered online. The tech-savvy mum is not necessarily a Sci Fi fan, but when combating germs or deleting a file she has been caught saying “exterminate, exterminate” in her best Dalek voice.

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