Movie review: Kath and Kimderella

Gina Riley and Jane Turner as Kath and Kim in a shot from Kath and Kimderella.
Gina Riley and Jane Turner as Kath and Kim in a shot from Kath and Kimderella. Contributed

IF YOU thought there were cringe worthy moments than when Carrie and the Sex and the City girls headed to Dubai in their second feature film than you haven't seen nothing yet.

Kath and Kim should not be allowed out of Fountain Lakes. Nor should they be allowed more time than a 30 minute episode as their first feature film proves.

Bloated, absurd, self-indulgent and nonsensical, Kath and Kimderella is not noice, different nor unusual.

The characters themselves still provide plenty of amusement and all the essential qualities that made Kath and Kim such a hit are on show are out full force.

From Kath's relentless positivity and crowning glory perm, Kel's devotion to Kath, meat and sexual innuendo, to Kim's monumental ego and Sharon's uncanny ability to miss the point of just about everything, all is represented.

But despite these familiarities it soon becomes glaringly obvious that something is missing.

The clever humour for one.

Yes the verbal inventiveness, repeated malapropisms and pop culture references are there but stretched across a ridiculous plot the jokes and nuances just don't register as strongly and the relationship dynamics that defined the TV feel empty and trite.

Nor are any of the jokes subtle, for most of the film it feels like director Ted Emery is bludgeoning audiences over the head repeatedly with each joke.

The Italian setting, the imaginary kingdom and resulting plot line as both location and fictional device is utterly ridiculously, deluded and completely sucks the energy out of the film and is filled with more eye rolling moments than a conversation with a petulant teenage girl.

It would have worked far better had they set the film in the in the girl's home territory, thrown away the ridiculous bells and whistles and allowed the Turner and Riley's own brand of humour to really shine.


Kath and Kimderella

  • Stars: Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski
  • Director: Ted Emery
  • Rated: PG
  • Verdict: One star

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