Sacha Wilson’s image on Facebook.
Sacha Wilson’s image on Facebook.

MP pressuring police to reinvestigate kidnap and bash claim

A SUNSHINE Coast MP has called on police to reinvestigate the alleged kidnapping and bashing of a Yandina woman which was quashed by a top cop as "unsubstantiated".

Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington has reached out to Sacha Wilson, whose claims that three men dragged her into a white Commodore at Yandina before beating her unconscious went viral on social media.

Images of Ms Wilson with what appears to be two black eyes were posted on her mother Maria Fleming's Facebook page on Friday.

The post was shared more than 6000 times by concerned readers and friends, creating a swirling fear that three men are randomly attacking women.

Sunshine Coast Central Division Inspector Jason Overland told the Daily that there was no reason to believe a gang of men was attacking women. He said Ms Wilson's injuries were not consistent with her claims.

Mr Wellington has called on Insp Overland to assign new officers to the case and uncover the truth about what happened.

"There appears to be unlimited police resources to pull people over on a motorbike and take photos of their tattoos, but when it comes to complaints about assaults, they are doing nothing," Mr Wellington said.

"We want the proper resources here to investigate these complaints of assault to bring these people to justice.

"I have taken a detailed statement from Sacha as well as statements from two others who have accompanied her to my office and will be sending them to Central Division Inspector Jason Overland, asking him for new officers to be assigned to thoroughly investigate this complaint and hopefully get to the bottom of this."

Ms Wilson confirmed yesterday she would would be filing a new police report.

She had withdrawn her original complaint.

"I will be reporting this. I just want police to stop saying that I am lying and just brushing this under the mat," Ms Wilson said.

"I just want to get the story straight. It's been awful for me."

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