Much better week for sugar mill

THE Proserpine Sugar Mill had a much more successful week than last with 91,928 tonnes of cane crushed, almost making the week's budget of 93,043 tonnes.

The cane does seem to be improving with bin weights increasing and a decline in the number of spare bins; in laymans terms less spares means less issues for everybody involved.

Prior to the wet weather CCS (Cane Content Sugar) had improved dramatically with a number of shifts measuring over 14.

Cane tonnes cut to estimate is indicating a lower crop and higher CCS; the close of round one will occur during next week and a new estimate will be released then.

Proserpine Cooperative Sugar Mill chief executive John Power said the lower crop and higher CCS negatively affects the harvesting sector and sugar mill, but benefits the grower.

Lost time for the week was 22.35 hours with major stops due to difficult conditions processing sugar and molasses causing high liquor stocks (6 hours); sugar belt (5 hours); cane receivals (3 hours); milling train (2.75 hours); fugal feed pump (2 hours) and cane supply (2 hours).

The CCS for this week was 13.65 percent and the year to date CCS is 13.23.

A total of 230,332 tonnes of cane have been crushed to date.

A maintenance stop will be necessary within the next week to change the sugar belt, complete the final repairs on the cooling towers from the cyclone damage and improve the performance of the boilers. 

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