LAST TIME: Doonan residents back in 2018 protested an application to turn this restaurant into a hotel.
LAST TIME: Doonan residents back in 2018 protested an application to turn this restaurant into a hotel. Geoff Potte

New Doonan hotel bid lodged

A DEVELOPER is looking to put hospitality on tap by converting the old Waldschloss German Restaurant at Doonan into a boutique hotel.

And if this sounds like the local area has been down this path before, the application that includes a restaurant, bar and cellar door, echoes a previous application on site in 2008.

The call for the latest proposed development public submissions appeared in the Noosa News on Friday and locals have until December 7 to provide the Sunshine Coast Council with public feedback.

A band of local residents 10 years ago were far from happy with the prospect of a local pub in the midst of their rural residential area and already the council is asking the developer to answer some of its initial concerns.

In 2008, one objector told the Sunshine Coast Daily she was worried about "major environmental and social impact this development would have on us personally, and on the general hinterland community”.

This year, the council has noted a hotel is an inconsistent use within the zoning and "has the potential to impact on the character and amenity of the surrounding rural residential area”.

"A hotel is not anticipated for the rural residential zone and a robust planning argument has not been provided to support the proposal,” council said in an information request.

Council also wants quantified the expected number of patrons and "general patterns of activity” at the proposed hotel and notes the "outdoor use areas are likely to support additional patrons over and above those to be accommodated in the main building”

The request also "does not provide enough detail to adequately determine if sufficient parking is provided on site” and seeks further details.

The applicant said the proposal for redevelopment of the existing building was for a bar, restaurant and outdoor dining area with the addition of a new small building to be used for craft beer and wine cellar door sales.

The submission said the proposed use was considered consistent with the long-standing use of the site as a restaurant, and was "designed to be a small, family focused venue that will serve the local community”

"It needs to be acknowledged that the proposal is not seeking to establish a new licensed premises on the site,” the applicant said.

The aim is "update and improve the historic use and make it more appealing to the broader community as a convenient place to eat and socialise”

"It is also noted that the site is located within a cluster of non-residential uses along this section of Eumundi-Noosa Rd.”

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