New unexplained wealth laws could cause problems for CMC

QUEENSLAND'S crime and misconduct watchdog has flagged the workload from new unexplained wealth laws could prove difficult in the next financial year.

The LNP government introduced laws to confiscate assets from the "mr bigs" of the criminal world and target unexplained wealth from serious drug offenders.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission's annual report said it would be a challenge to integrate the expanding workload for the new regimes into the organisation's current proceeds of crime recovery framework.

The CMC completed 87 official misconduct investigations resulting in seven people being charged with 48 criminal offences and 37 people have been the subject of 128 disciplinary recommendations in the past financial year.

A key theme in public sector investigations was recruitment practices and favouritism.

Investigations into alleged police misconduct focused on the unauthorised release of confidential information, excessive force and police officers suspected of using and supplying dangerous drugs.

"Although about half of all misconduct allegations received in 2012-13 related to the police, the last four years has seen a 25% reduction in allegations against police being received by the CMC, " acting chairman Ken Levy said.

The report also pointed to the successful prosecution of Joel Morehu-Barlow for almost $17 million fraud within Queensland Health, noting the case drew attention to the "importance of fundamental accounting controls and the exercise of managerial oversight in the public sector".

"It also raised fundamental issues for government, and the public sector generally, about the values inherent in 'serving the public' - that public servants must discharge their responsibilities in the best interests of the community - as well as highlighting the importance of diligence in the governance of public sector organisations," the report read.

The CMC report also detailed court outcomes this year related to previous CMC hearings including a man and woman found guilty of administering a hot shot of heroin to a man in Gladstone in 2010, the manslaughter guilty pleas from parents from Sunnybank Hills for neglecting 18-month-old twins who died from malnourishment and the inquest into the1974 murder of two nurses at Murphy's Creek, near Toowoomba.

The CMC also noted three people were jailed for their involvement in a man's murder, including his penis being cut off, at Maryborough in 2009, following extensive CMC hearings Brisbane and Gympie about the case.



  • Restrained criminal assets to the value of $17.1m, with $16.98m forfeited to the state.
  • 201 days of hearings held to progress major crime investigations across Queensland.
  • 13 criminal paedophilia investigations finalised, resulting in 744 charges against 13 persons.
  • High-threat heroin distribution network closed down, resulting in 193 charges against 29 persons 87 serious official misconduct investigations finalised, resulting in 48 charges against 7 people
  • 128 disciplinary recommendations made as a result of CMC serious misconduct investigations
  • 116 prevention recommendations made to address systemic issues identified by misconduct investigations

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