Ready to roll out NDIS: Campbell Newman
Ready to roll out NDIS: Campbell Newman

Newman pledges to sign up for NDIS scheme

QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman has today signalled he will sign an agreement with the Commonwealth to help fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Speaking at the Queensland Media Club a short time ago, Mr Newman said that changes he has made to the government budget meant he was happy to support the scheme.

"Queensland is primed and ready for full roll out of the NDIS," he said.

"I can say today I see no impediment here this afternoon to signing an agreement when the Commonwealth is ready to do so.

 "It (NDIS) is in itself a pragmatic revolution that services are delivered to people who need them the most.

"That's what my government is all about."

Premier Newman said after earlier discussions with the Federal Government, it expected the state to contribute a further $200 million beyond the $900 million it had already supplied.

"The Prime Minister's announcement last week meant that we have $200m on the table," he said.

"Subsequently there have been negotiations between state and federal officials.

"I am very confident this is going to happen but let's wait for a formal announcement"

Earlier, disability groups said they would not stop campaigning until they saw Mr Newman's signature on the agreement.

The NDIS would be partially funded by a 0.5 percentage point increase to the Medicare levy, which the federal Coalition supports conditionally.

About 410,000 Australians with disabilities would receive support through the scheme.

Your reaction on Facebook this afternoon

Rachael Rossiter:  I'm definitely happy to pay the little extra for those that actually need it. It's about the one good thing the Gillard gov has done so far. I would rather pay for that than pay for people who could work but choose to sit on their bums all day and take the handouts.

Colleen Downes: Wow, common sense. I like it, but feel the NDIS will be exploited by those who don't have a conscience, eg. those who park in disabled parking bays when their only disability is lack of the grey matter.

Michael Kornbrekke: No. Take the money from those already rorting the system. I can give you the address of a few.

Paul Nash: Thank goodness, won't have to move the family to NSW.

Stephen Ozoux: I'm happy to pay it as long as it actually makes a difference to those peoples lives and not just us being fleeced yet again by the government and them just using it to pay existing expenses normally already funded by the government. Potentially this c...See More

Terrin Illingworth: More than happy to support NDIS thru Medicare what I would like to see tho is auditing measures in place for service providers so that funds support the disabled and aren't misused by providers (management I mean)

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