Night of violence in Airlie

A NIGHT of alcohol-fuelled violence kept Whitsunday ambulance officers busy overnight on Friday with several trips to and from Proserpine Hospital.

The ambulance officers were first on the scene to a number of assaults and called the police and a Proserpine ambulance officer in for help.

Officers in Charge of the Whitsunday Police and Cannonvale Ambulance stations said it was an exceptionally busy night.

From a visiting Rockhampton couple being assaulted in an alleyway to a man being spun around then punched in the face on the dance floor of an Airlie Beach nightclub, emergency crews worked consistently from just before midnight Friday to around 5am Saturday.

“Friday night was a prime example of the Government's current ad campaign about how excessive alcohol directly affects so many people,” Cannonvale Ambulance Officer in Charge, Steve Thurtell said.

He said high-sugared alcoholic drinks and the rate they're consumed, contributed to the problem.

“There's definite tendencies for the younger crew to be hitting up the red bulls and vodka cruisers and jaigerbombs and they hit them hard and hit them early.”

Some of the incidents recorded overnight on Friday included:

11.30pm Friday: Ambulance officers attended Reef Gateway Hotel after three local men got into a fight. Two ran off before police arrived and the third was taken to Proserpine Hospital with a suspected fractured nose.

12.20am Saturday: A 41-year-old Cannonvale woman was arrested for obstructing police at Banjos in Cannonvale. She was charged with giving a false name and failing to leave a licensed premises.

1am, Saturday: Police were called to the Airlie Beach taxi rank after a man damaged a door of a cab, but he had fled the scene before they arrived.

1.40am, Saturday: Police were called to Magnums where security was holding a 37-year-old man of no fixed abode for suspicious behaviour. He was charged with possessing a dangerous drug and utensils.

1.40am, Saturday: Ambulance officers called police to the lane next to Beachworx in Airlie where a Rockhampton couple in their early 20s had been assaulted by four unknown men. The pair had been looking for the woman's stolen handbag at the time. The four men ran off before police arrived and the man was treated at Proserpine hospital for a fractured jaw. No clear description was given of their assailants.

2.30am Saturday: A 23-year-old Cannonvale man was assaulted on the dance floor of Mama Africa's nightclub. He suffered a broken nose, chipped teeth and cuts to his face when the assailant grabbed him, swung him around and punched him in the face. Police are reviewing security footage.

2.30am Saturday: An unknown man was found to have an uncovered, 20cm carving knife in the back of his pants when Magnums security was asking him to leave the club's gaming room. The man ran off when guards tried to detain him.

3.20am Saturday: Ambulance officers tended to a 38-year-old Midge Point man who had been knocked out by a 26-year-old Cannonvale man known to him. The pair had been fighting near Coconut Grove in Airlie Beach.

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