Chilli! Enjoying the dog beach
Chilli! Enjoying the dog beach "sooo much". Melissa Edwards

Nine Whitsunday off-leash dog beaches, parks

IF your dog is giving you sad-eyes and gesturing at its leash, maybe it's time to check out an off-leash dog beach or park.

The Whitsunday Regional Council allows dogs to roam free at four beaches and five parks.

They're at Bowen, Cannonvale, Jubilee Pocket and Proserpine.

These off-leash areas are open all day during daylight hours, except Cannonvale Beach which is open 5am-7am.

Off-leash beaches

1. Queens Beach, Bowen

2. Doughty Creek mouth - where the creek meets the ocean, Bowen

3. Kings Beach, Bowen

4. Western end of Cannonvale Beach, Coral Esplanade, Cannonvale

Off-leash parks

1. Denison Park, Bowen

2. Bicentennial Park, Cannonvale

3. Whitsunday Sportspark, adjacent to the Australian Rules goal posts, Jubilee Pocket

4. Keith Jones Estate Park, Renwick Road Park, Proserpine

5. Jubilee Pocket Park, Sunbird Close, Jubilee Pocket

Vet warns of dog park dangers

Only non-aggressive, vaccinated dogs should be taken to off-leash areas says veterinary surgeon Seth McIntosh, of Bowen Veterinary Clinic.

His clinic is "constantly" having to stitch up dogs that have been attacked by aggressive, out-of-control dogs at off-leash dog parks and beaches.

He says there is "no excuse" for taking an aggressive animal to an off-leash zone.

"Socialisation is important...but in Bowen we have a lot of parvo (parvovirus) and nobody who has an aggressive dog should ever go to an off-leash area," he said.


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