A scene from the Sydney Hotshots male dance revue.
A scene from the Sydney Hotshots male dance revue. Glen Morgan

ONE NIGHT ONLY: From shy teenager to male-stripper

IT WAS just six months ago when 20-year-old Beau Privato discovered the career of his lifetime would require taking off his clothes and dancing, but he's loving every minute of it.

"I have always been a really shy person so taking my clothes off on stage and dancing as a job never crossed my mind," Mr Privato said.

"There were more than 150 women in the audience at my first gig and I was really scared they were going to boo me off stage or something.

"But I quickly learned that if you take your clothes off, the women at our shows are going to like you."

He was addicted after that first gig.

"Being on stage dancing in front of all those women is captivating."


David Hughes with Beau Privato.
David Hughes with Beau Privato. CONTRIBUTED

Mr Privato - or Firefighter Privato which is his stage character - is one of six dancers making their way through regional Queensland on a tour for the Sydney Hotshots, touching down in Mackay this weekend.

How one becomes a male stripper is the million-dollar question. Mr Privato said he was working as a personal trainer and looking for a second job when he came across advertisement for a 'telephone job' with the Sydney Hotshots.

"I had no idea what the Sydney Hotshots was, but the location was really close to where I live, so I decided to go for an interview," Mr Privato said.

"When I showed up the guy interviewing me saw my potential. I work out a lot and was in really good shape. He explained what the hotshots were and asked if I'd be interested in giving stripping a go.

"Something deep inside me said this was a great opportunity because I know a lot of people want to get into this line of work."

Being the youngest and least experienced dancer in the travelling revue, Mr Privato said he had lots to learn but luckily the tour manager/stripper David Hughes has taught him all the 'secret skills'.

"Facial expressions are a really important part of a performance. They're almost more important than the dance moves," Mr Privato said.

"The way you focus on the crowd can change your performance completely. The smallest details can make a performance really great."


Dancers from the Sydney Hotshots.
Dancers from the Sydney Hotshots. CONTRIBUTED

Mr Hughes, the elder statesman of the group, is a former star from Las Vegas' Excalibur Hotel and Casino's world-famous stage show the Thunder From Down Under.

"He does all the driving, dances in the show and manages the tour. He's like a father figure to me. He even spoke to my mum when she was concerned about me taking the job," Mr Privato said.

"Mum was a bit iffy about it at first but once she realised this was more about entertaining people than stripping, she relaxed. Dad is just really proud of me.

"My goal is to be one of the best in the field and do this career for a really long time. It's a dream of mine to dance with the Thunder From Down Under on stage at the Excalibur one day."

See Beau Privato and David Hughes perform live with the Sydney Hotshots at MOJOs Sunday, July 14 from 4pm-6.30pm.

For tickets visit here.

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