BEEP BEEP: Warren Smith drives his Kenworth into the Heritage Truck Show.
BEEP BEEP: Warren Smith drives his Kenworth into the Heritage Truck Show. Keith Hawley

One superb machine

SHE'S been around for a while, but Warren Smith's W Model Kenworth still goes like a dream.

Smith's had her for a couple of years now and in that time he's just about overhauled the engine.

Smith, 34, took the truck to the recent heritage truck show held at Rocklea.

He didn't win any prizes but that doesn't matter, he thinks the W model is the best.

That's why he's decided to spend his money doing it up, instead of buying a new truck.

Over the years he's replaced the '79 model's motor, gearbox and front diff and just has the back diff to go.

"It's old school. At the end of the day it does the same job. The air-con is just as cold in this one as a new one," he said.

Also it was easier to pay off an older truck, he reckoned.

And he learnt to drive in an old W model.

"There's not many of them around any more."

In the not-too-distant future he's planning on changing the colour of the truck to silver and blue with a new paint job.

Kenworth is his favourite brand of truck.

"They're the most reliable around and best value for money," he said.

His W model is a 15 speed and she's probably done more than three million kilometres in her time.

Smith who is doing local work at the moment carting just about anything from steel to containers said he tried to get to as many truck shows as possible, but it was hard to find the time.

He reckons he was always going to get into trucking; his dad and two brothers are all owner-drivers.

"I always liked trucks as a kid," he said.

On a typical weekend growing up he could be found under his dad's truck, greasing it or washing it.

Now his kids Brock, 3, and Jacinta, 5, are following in the same footsteps.

"They cried when I sold the last truck. I think that means something," he said.

Warren has been with his fiancé Cheryl for eight years now.

What he loves about trucking: The freedom, not having a boss watching over him most of the time. "It's good to get away and have no one telling you what to do and when to have a break."

What he hates about trucking: The roads, their condition and lack of maintenance.

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