Proserpine State High School senior school duxes Amy Hungerford and Siena Gardner with principal Don McDermid.
Proserpine State High School senior school duxes Amy Hungerford and Siena Gardner with principal Don McDermid.

OP report card for Whitsunday schools

WHITSUNDAY schools are assessing their own academic results after Overall Position (OP) results by school were released this month.

Out of 114 OP-eligible students across Proserpine State High School, St Catherine's Catholic College, Whitsunday Christian College and Bowen State High School, 13 received scores between the highest rankings of 1-5.

Whitsunday Christian College led the charge for schools in the region with 100 per cent of eligible students in the Year 12 class receiving an OP.

One student achieved between OP6-10, four between OP11-15 and one between OP16-20.

Mahala Moss was named 2018 dux.

Principal Mark Ogilvie said he was proud of all students.

"There was a lot of academic gain. Our students have improved considerably over the last few years,” he said.

Proserpine State High School students stepped up to the plate with eight of the 66 OP-eligible students clinching an OP1-5 ranking.

Best friends Amy Hungerford and Siena Gardner shared school dux honours, both achieving an OP2.

Nineteen students achieved results between OP6-10, 21 between OP11-15, 17 between OP16-20 and one between OP21-25.

Principal Don McDermid said it was pleasing to see students accepted into courses related to medicine, law, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

"We're proud of our students for what they have achieved. One of the most interesting points is the number of students being accepted into health degrees,” he said.

"The results are one thing, but the essence of what we do is build resilience and confidence for our students to face the challenges of the real world, university and the workforce.”

At St Catherine's Catholic College, one student of the eligible 21 achieved an OP1-5 result, seven a result between OP6-10, nine between OP11-15, one between OP16-20 and three between OP21-25.

Jessie Pegg was named the 2018 school dux.

Principal Mel Scherwitzel congratulated all students who achieved an OP last year.

"We are constantly encouraging our students to do their personal best in all areas of their education and while there is always room for improvement, I would like to acknowledge the effort and commitment demonstrated by our students to achieve their personal best,” she said.

"In the spirit of excellence and continuous improvement, our staff are committed to supporting students in achieving even greater results this year.”

Four out of 31 OP-eligible students at Bowen State High School achieved OP1-5 rankings.

Hannah Chidley was awarded dux honours with an OP2.

Five students were listed between OP6-10, 13 between OP11-15 and nine between OP16-20.

Principal Pam Prichard said student engagement and academic growth was "strengthened through supportive and positive relationships between home and school”.

"Together we can achieve plus one for students year after year at Bowen State High School,” she said.

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