OPINION: Three reasons why I look up to Kanye West

Kanye West in concert
Kanye West in concert

I LOOK up to Kanye West. Cue the fainting woman in the corner.

West has somehow kicked off 2015 with a storm of controversy.

On January 1, he released Only One: an ode to his late mother Donda with Sir Paul McCartney tickling the ivories.

It seems the interwebs started frothing with confusion once Kanye "fans" started congratulating our Yeezus on "discovering" the Beatles legend.

That was followed by non-fans blowing their collective tops by hooting their horror at how ANYONE could believe such a thing.

To me it seems like people are taking the piss and watching everyone else lose their minds.

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But at the heart of this is Kanye's divisive auto-tuned track which has cemented my already ridiculous affection for 'Yeezy' in all his forms.

Even before he dropped the incredible Yeezus album in 2013, I've been inspired by the rap world's biggest ego.

On the surface, it doesn't make any damn sense.

The 31-year-old Sunshine Coast journalist putting a Chicago rapper, producer and reality television husband up on a pedestal. But why not?

I'm not so interested in sports so the legends of any game do nothing for me.

I've never worshipped Hollywood macho men or walking jawlines.

But why Kanye? Well, here's three reasons:


1. His music is provocative

Bang Showbiz

THE 37-year old is a songwriter, performer, music producer and fashion designer.

He has sold 21 million albums and 66 million digital downloads.

Every one of his albums has gone platinum.

He told you not to let him into his zone - but he's definitely in his zone.

If he can do all that, maybe I can make it to the gym today.



2. He's a family man 

When he appeared in Brisbane, he preached to a world that has him wrong.

According to the man himself: he is a rich and famous rap star who chose to marry Kim Kardashian.

Other rappers might play up their love of booze, women and drugs.  

Yeezy does that too.

He also tells his fawning crowd how much he loves his wife.

And again, as he told the crowd in third person (of course): 

"And he's married. And Christian.
And a man.
And he's raising a family.
And the crowd gets it.
They get it. "

[wild cheers from crowd]

How many rap moguls have ever boasted about being in love with their wives at a gig?

Yeezy (and maybe Hov) taught us this.

Kanye West with wife Kim
Kanye West with wife Kim Splash News


3. He is a machine

From amateur rapper to selling out stadiums, his world wasn't manufactured. It was built.

Recording his masterpiece My Dark, Twisted Fantasy, Complex magazine described a Kanye who:

"…never slept at his house, or even in a bed.
"He would, er, power-nap in a studio chair or couch here and there in 90-minute intervals, working through the night.

In a world where we worship the vapid, the clean or the filthy, what if Kanye is the best role model for this generation of men?

One that encourages them to push themselves harder, to try new things both professionally and artistically.

Until anyone comes up with a better option...

Praise Yeezus



Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and daughter North.
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and daughter North. Bang Showbiz


Owen Jacques is a journalist and creator of The Hairy Chest.

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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