Did Aborigines discover America?

ARCHEOLOGICAL evidence suggesting Aborigines may have discovered America more than 11,000 years ago is being corroborated through oral indigenous histories collected by a local historian.

Steve Strong, who has written three books on the subject published by American University Press, is hosting a series of public talks around the Northern Rivers region.

As word of his research has spread, more and more elders from different regions have contacted him with stories that bear a striking resemblance to new theories on the very origins of homo sapiens.

Mr Strong has been aligning traditional stories and myths with new scientific evidence that suggests homo sapiens stood up and walked out of Australia before the ancient Africans left Africa.

Other evidence includes uncanny resemblances in DNA and physical features between Australian Aborigines and ancient skeletons discovered in India and Japan.

Earlier this month Mr Strong was invited on to traditional Ramindjeri land in South Australia by an elder whose nephew, Bangalow chef Darren McElroy, put them in touch.

“Under the guidance of elder Carnot Walker, the stories and accounts shared throw light on a timeless culture and challenge many historical facts,” Mr Strong said.

“Carnot is the principal custodian of the culture and mythology of Kangaroo Island which, according to eminent archeologist Josephine Flood, has all the ingredients of a classic mystery story which scholars have been trying to solve since 1802.

“Not only do the elders reject the notion of Africans sailing to Australia, they are adamant the Australian Aborigines sailed from Australia,” he said, describing the circumnavigation of the world in a figure-eight over 15,000 years ago; the places visited; and the peoples who came long before the British.

Mr Strong and Mr McElroy will speak at The Channon Community Hall from 7pm on April 1; at Byron/ Ewingsdale Hall, 7pm; on April 3; Nimbin Birth and Beyond, 7pm, April 8; Lismore Inspired Youth Studios, 7pm, April 10; and at Uki behind The Buttery, 6pm, April 15.

For more details phone 0447 135 391.

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