Five-time drink-driver told to pack for jail next time

SOBS echoed through Maryborough Magistrates Court when a mother was told if she was caught drink-driving again, she should be prepared to go to jail.

Julie-Ann Rebecca Miles was facing her fifth drink-driving charge when she appeared in court this week, having returned a high-range reading of .246% when she was stopped by police on December 13 at Maryborough's Queen St.

The court heard the 36-year-old provisional driver had been previously convicted of drink-driving on four other occasions, returning readings of .109%, .022%, .285% and .058% on those occasions.

The court heard Miles had been caught drink-driving on several of those occasions after the breakdown of her marriage, which had left her devastated.

Her children had decided to live with her ex-husband, the court was told, and she regularly received abuse text messages from him.

But Miles had turned her life around in the past two years, finding regular work at Bunnings and while she was still fragile, she was "getting through things one day at a time," the court heard.

Miles had been caught drink-driving after friends came to visit her and they engaged in a lengthy drinking session, consuming cask wine. Between 9 and 10 hours later, Miles had gotten behind the wheel of her car.

The court heard she had felt fine and had been unaware such a high concentration of alcohol was in her system. Miles had just gotten her licence back on August 24 after her last disqualification.

Magistrate John Smith warned Miles she would be looking at four months in prison if she returned before the courts on a drink-driving charge.

"The court doesn't want to send people to prison," Mr Smith said. "This is your last chance today. If you come back again, come completely prepared to go to jail.

"You're the mistress of your own destiny."

Miles was fined $2500 and her licence was disqualified for two years.


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