Principal says most parents support suspension over fight

Do you agree with the tough stance taken by Centenary Heights State High School over students fighting?

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UPDATE: Centenary Heights State High School principal Maryanne Walsh says the majority of parents whose children were suspended over a school fight support the discipline.

Ms Walsh said the parents of 36 of the 39 students who were suspended were in favour of the action.

"Fighting is a rare occurrence at the school because of the school's zero tolerance approach which has been in place for many years with overwhelming community support," Ms Walsh said.

The school suspended 39 students after two year 9 girls were caught fighting.

The majority of the students were suspended for having prior knowledge of the fight and not reporting it as well as posting details of the fight to social media.

"Parents have been kept informed regarding both the incident and the subsequent disciplinary actions taken by the school in the form of a letter sent home with students on Tuesday 22 October 2013 and ongoing phone calls and face-to-face meetings."

She said the school's Code of Behaviour was available online under the Support and Resources section at

"If parents have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact me to discuss them."

EARLIER: The suspension of 39 students from Centenary Heights State High School has drawn strong reaction from parents and the broader Toowoomba community.

Megan Stone, mother of one of the suspended year 9 students, Cassidy, questioned the severity of the action taken against her daughter.

Mrs Stone said meeting in person with school staff to discuss the action taken against the students for not reporting a fight was also proving difficult.

"It seemed like it was too hard to have a face-to-face," she said.



"Well surely they expected parents would want to have interviews over this."

She said she took the disciplinary action seriously and had made her daughter do chores during her two-day suspension.

However, she felt sorry for her daughter, saying she only became aware of the fight between two year 9 girls when she came across the scene as it was being broken up.

"Suspension is a big thing.

"We like the discipline but I think it (this case) is definitely lobbing everyone in the one basket."

The grandfather of another suspended girl, who did not want to be named, was angry the dispute wasn't stopped before it became violent.

"For them (the school) not to have any knowledge of it, that's incredulous."

The issue polarised The Chronicle's online community, with many messages of support for the school's stance.

There were also messages criticising the severity of the disciplinary action.

Education Queensland was contacted for comment but could not respond before deadline.

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