Parking an issue at Shingley

WORKERS who commute to the islands each day have said they are at their wits-end as to what they are supposed to do to avoid getting fined along Shingley Drive when signs are erected next month.

Council expect to have four-hour parking restrictions introduced to the area in September.

This comes less than three months after paid parking was introduced at the marina car park leaving island workers little choice but to pay for parking or cop a fine.

Daydream Island worker Gary Arthur said parking was a big problem for people who worked on the islands and couldn't afford to pay for parking in the marina car park.

“Where are the people supposed to go that can't afford the extra $40 per week for parking?” he said.

“Introducing fees and time limits doesn't change the issue.

“They say it is a world class marina but it has got third world parking.”

Tony Chatwin also works on Daydream Island and has been fined twice for parking on the verge near the boardwalk when the street was over-crowded.

He now parks on the street where parking is not yet restricted.

“I looked at catching the bus but the coordination of the bus and ferry timetables doesn't work,” he said.

These men said they loved their jobs but parking made it very difficult.

Whitsunday Regional Council community and environment director David Crawford said there was unrestricted parking available.

"There are lawful parking areas in close proximity to the marina that are free of charge,” he said.

"There is an area on Shingley Drive heading towards the marina where there is limited free parking with no restrictions.

"There are car parking alternatives available on Altmann Avenue at the VMR club house location which is walking distance along the boardwalk to Abel Point Marina.”

Mr Crawford said workers could lobby their employers to negotiate with Meridien for a special rate for workers associated with the marina activities if they wished.

He said the Meridien car park currently had a large number of vacancies.

"Council in its 2010/2011 budget has committed funds to improving the boat ramp facilities at the VMR and this will reduce the parking demand at the Abel Point marina car park," he said.

Mr Crawford said Council would consider funding future car parking construction in the Shingley Beach and Cannonvale area as funds became available.

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