PIONEER: Deni Linforth.
PIONEER: Deni Linforth.

Paying tribute to pioneer of Whitsundays region

"SHE had an elegance about her; an absolute love for family, an absolute love for travel and a determination that meant she took every challenge head on,” Dane Linforth said of his mother.

"She was an amazing lady.”

On Tuesday the Whitsundays stopped to honour a local tourism advocate and pioneer Deni Linforth at her funeral after she sadly lost her battle with cancer last Wednesday.

A number of community organisations closed their doors for the day as a mark of respect.

Deni lived an amazing life with a burning passion for the Whitsundays and is survived by her two sons Dane, 46, and Jules, 41, and her four grandchildren Siena, Parker, James and Isla.

Deni was a face many might know in recent years from her Saturday morning market book stall and volunteering at the Salvation Army opportunity shops.

"The thing which really defined her in the community was she was so passionate about the Whitsundays and she spent her career trying to convince other people to visit and be passionate too,” Dane said.

The savvy businesswoman spent 20-plus years working as marketing manager for charter yacht companies in Shute Harbour.

After deciding to sail the world in the 1980s, Deni and her husband ended up in the Whitsundays as a pit stop on their journey but they fell in love with the place and never left.

She also travelled working for Australian Bareboat Charters selling the Whitsundays as a holiday destination throughout the world and, after separating from her husband in the 1990s, continued have adventures across the globe from China to India.

Tourism Whitsundays said Deni was known by many as a driving force behind tourism development in the region.

"She worked as sales and marketing manager for Whitsunday Rent-a-Yacht for many decades and never ceased in her efforts to do everything she could to promote the region to Australia and the world,” a statement read.

"Working closely with Tourism Whitsundays, Deni was a tremendous ambassador for the region.

"Tourism Whitsundays would like to thank Deni for her contribution to tourism not only in the Whitsundays, but also in Queensland, and our thoughts are with her family.”

Julian Linforth said his mother was beautiful inside and out. "Dad had a laugh which could take up a room but you always knew Mum was in a room as well - she had this glow of elegance.”

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