PETS Galore owner Nicole Bourne responded to an RSPCA raid on her business by saying it will remain open during the ensuing animal welfare investigation.

"I am cooperating with the RSPCA as I have always done and I hope their investigation will be resolved soon," she said.

"My team and I look forward to servicing our valued customers as we have for over 30 years now."

While the RSPCA seized the bulk of Ms Bourne's stock, she said she still had fish to sell, along with a selection of adult cats and a turtle.

RSPCA welfare agents seized more than 400 animals during a raid on Pets Galore on Wednesday evening.

During the raid Ms Bourne surrendered a collection of animals including birds, rodents, cats and a dog.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the animals were seized due to alleged breaches of the Animal Care and Protection Act (ACPA).

"It is disappointing we are again having to remove animals from a pet store," he said.

"Those in the community who attend pet stores expect a certain level of care and certainly expect those animals to be housed appropriately and are healthy."

The animals seized include:

  • One dog
  • Four cats
  • One kittens
  • 65 budgies
  • 11 quails
  • Four doves
  • Six lovebirds
  • 19 canaries
  • Three GC conures
  • 25 Indian ringnecks
  • 122 finches
  • 14 guinea pigs
  • Seven rats
  • About 250 mice

Mr Beatty said the RSPCA had investigated Pets Galore for several months in the lead-up to the raid.

"This was not a spur of the moment thing," he said.

"Pet stores have a duty of care under the Act (ACPA) to ensure that all animals in their control are cared for accordingly, just like those who ultimately purchase animals from them."

Welfare agents will keep the animals at the RSPCA centre at Wacol.

The matter is still under investigation and no charges have been laid.

Owner Nicole Bourne said the business would remain open during the investigation

Pets Galore has a been the subject of several calls to clean up its act.

In 2017 concerned pet lovers launched a petition calling for the store to shut, citing claims of animal neglect.

The petition included an image of what the organisers believed to be a dead budgie lying in a cage as a result of the owner's alleged neglect.

The petition gathered more than 3100 signatures.

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