Planning for future after X-Factor

Alice McDermott with Richard Branson in the Carribean as part of the final six on X Factor.
Alice McDermott with Richard Branson in the Carribean as part of the final six on X Factor.

NIDA is one of the things on Alice McDermott's list now as she plans for the future after being booted from the final six in her group on Seven's X Factor this week.

The decision came after Alice made it through to bootcamp and went to the Caribbean to perform in front of Richard Branson.

But judge Natalie Imbruglia didn't think Alice should go on to the final three.

Imbruglia said she thought their personalities may clash.

She also said McDermott had the confidence of a superstar.

McDermott said she found this decision hard to believe.

“I'm not sure what to think (about Imbruglia's comments),” she said.

“I don't think anyone can be too confident.

“I think that was just an excuse.”

Despite not making it any further with the competition, McDermott said she was pleased to have made it so far.

“(Going to the Caribbean) really showed how big and serious the competition was,” she said.

“It was a really big thing just getting there (to the top 12).

“I've got that experience, gone away and realised that's really the industry I want to be in.

“It is a strong competition.

“The girls that made it were good singers and the girls that got out (of the competition) are really good too.”

McDermott will be performing at the Young Achievers awards in Brisbane at the end of the month.

But it is back to a relatively normal life in the meantime as she focuses on school exams and has started to think about her future.

“I've had a lot more facebook requests,” she laughed.

“But overall people have been pretty psyched to have someone they know on TV.”

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