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POLICE: Car careens onto CBD footpath

BOWEN police have investigated persistent rumours about visitors not complying with isolation policies and are looking into a two-vehicle crash, which resulted in a car careening into the wall of Hickmotts Supanews.


Bowen police are aware of a rumour circulating that backpackers in Bowen have been reprimanded for non-compliance with isolation rules.

Officers are doing daily checks at all accommodation businesses in town including backpackers accommodation and caravan parks to ensure everyone is complying.

Police say they investigated a complaint made, by checking all locations in the area but no charges were laid.

According to police, most accommodation businesses in town are fairly quiet, however they will continue to do daily checks and are strictly enforcing the guidelines for isolation and consequences.


At 11:30am on Friday, March 27, two vehicles collided at the roundabout on Herbert and William streets.

Police say the collision resulted in one vehicle being pushed up onto the footpath and into the sidewall of Hickmotts Supanews.

It is believed the drivers were both elderly, with police saying they were investigating the incident further.

No significant damage was done to the newsagency.


Police are reminding residents about the new social distancing rules, after the government strengthened its rules to limit most indoor and outdoor non-essential gatherings to two people.

Police remind residents that you are now required to stay at home unless you are:

Going to work or education (if you are unable to do so at home)

Shopping for essential supplies, such as groceries, and return home without delay

Going out for personal exercise in the neighbourhood, on your own or with one other person

Attending medical appointments or compassionate visits

Police say they were happy to see residents adhering to the rules over the weekend.

They reported that those who were outside in public places, such as the beach and park, were staying the required distance apart and complying with limits on group size.

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