Male person wanted after cop car rammed

UPDATE SUNDAY 12pm: POLICE are still searching for a male person involved in an intercept attempt at on a North Rockhampton street on Friday afternoon.

The person is known to police.

UPDATE 4.33pm: POLICE are still looking for a blue Toyota Camry, but are being warned to approach with caution due to a concern that the occupant may have a firearm. 

4.22pm: THE car will be towed from the area and Scenes of Crime officers will be looking over it tonight. 

4.02pm: Police are running checks to find out whether the previous occupant of the unit where the car was dumped could be related to the crime. 

3.47pm: THE man arrested running through the field was released. He was a jogger in the area. 

3.45pm: POLICE have arrested one man after chasing two men through a field. It is not believed the arrested man was the driver of the vehicle. 

3.39pm: IT is believe a female has dumped the car and left in another vehicle - a blue Toyota Camry. 

She then returned and removed a baby seat from the bronze car before leaving again. 

3.23pm: AN informant has called police to say the car is parked, it is believe to be on Blanchfield St in Koongal.

The dog squad is on the way. 


A POLICE car has just been rammed while driving on a North Rockhampton street.

Reports indicate the police car was on Armstrong Lane when the ramming happened.

It is believed to have turned left on Musgrave St.

The driver of the vehicle is known to police and is known to carry firearms.

He was last seen driving towards Koongal.

Reports indicate the vehicle is a bronze 2015 Camry sedan with registration number 378 VSF.

The police car that was rammed has been disabled from the incident, but the police officer is unharmed.

Reports indicate the driver was not in the vehicle when the police officer first saw him. The suspect jumped in the vehicle once he saw the police car and rammed into the car on purpose.

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