Police officer sent flying into wall after being kicked

A POLICE officer crashed into a wall after allegedly being kicked while trying to arrest a man on a charge of stealing.

Timothy James Godfrey, 33, applied for bail in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Monday after being charged with assaulting police and stealing.

The court was told that at the time of the alleged offences, Mr Godfrey was on bail on charges of obstructing police, wilful damage and not correctly disposing of a syringe.

His four-page criminal record includes seven convictions for obstructing police, as well as burglary, going armed and causing fear, and other ­violence offences.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Peter Rumford said police alleged Godfrey took many clothing items from a store in clear view of CCTV cameras and that he had verbally abused someone while walking down the street.

Snr Constable Rumford said Mr Godfrey had been grabbed on the wrist by a police officer but pulled and pushed his arm away. Police were forced to wrestle Mr Godfrey to the ground in order to restrain him, he said.

Snr Constable Rumford said it was alleged that Mr Godfrey had kicked a female police officer in the chest during the struggle, sending the officer flying back into a wall.

He said Mr Godfrey had continued to resist but was eventually handcuffed and placed into the back of a police vehicle.

The female officer had sustained soft-tissue damage to her ribs and was taken to Rockhampton Hospital, Snr Constable Rumford said.

Defence lawyer Megan Jones said she would be seeking a psychiatric report for her client, which would take 90 days to obtain, and argued it would be unjustified to remand Mr Godfrey in custody while waiting to see if he was deemed fit to answer the charges.

She said Mr Godfrey's four-page criminal history showed he had not spent time in prison, and he would be looking at a sentence with immediate parole or that was wholly ­suspended.

Ms Jones said Mr Godfrey intended to contest all of the charges.

Magistrate Cameron Press said Mr Godfrey had never been convicted of failing to ­appear in court or breaching bail.

Mr Press granted Mr Godfrey bail with conditions and adjourned his matters until September 24.

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