• Swiss tourist is diagnosed with measles on Saturday 
  • Alerts issued for Proserpine and Airlie Beach areas on Saturday
  • Unvaccinated people asked to contact their GPs
  • Woman likely contracted the disease while in India 

Update 4pm

TOURISTS in Airlie Beach who may have been exposed to a person infected with measles say there is some worry that "plays in the back of  your mind". 

UK tourist Frances Barton says they don't really think about getting sick while travelling.

"I guess it's just in the back of your mind, you certainly don't expect it in Australia," Ms Barton said.

Harriet Sandbrook says she has been vaccinated but "it's certainly a worry." 

While there was some worries among some tourists, others were not concerned. 

French tourist Morgane Blanchard said she was not aware of the outbreak.

"It's not really something we're worried about," she said.

Magnums Backpackers was one of several locations in Airlie Beach and Proserpine that was visited by the infected tourist.

"I've already had the measles so it doesn't really affect me at all," Magnums bartender Ashley Graveson said.  


Di Korn says she was concerned about the potential of a measles outbreak in Whitsundays "especially if she (the tourists) was in a serious condition".

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  The woman was infectious between March 11-17 when she was admitted to Proserpine  Hospital where she remained "very unwell but in stable condition".   Mackay Hospital and Health Service issued a warning and released details of the places the infected person visited before going to hospital.  

  • The Base Backpackers, March 11-12
  • Woolworths Airlie Beach Sunday March 13
  • The Doctors Airlie Beach, Tuesday March 15
  • Wednesday 16 March McDonalds in the afternoon
  • Magnums Backpackers 15 - 16 March
  • Proserpine Hospital, Wednesday 16 March 11.55am - 2pm
  • The Doctors Airlie Beach, Thursday 17 March 9.40am - 12.20pm

"A lot of people wouldn't remember being to the places she had been because of being intoxicated at those drinking places," Ms Korn said.

"It's a great concern.

'I am a mother of six adult children but if my children were smaller I would be very concerned."

Proserpine Hospital was also fielding inquiries from concerned residents on the weekend.

Public Health physician Dr Steven Donohue said anyone in Airlie Beach who is not vaccinated or cannot verify their immunisation is up to date should contact their GP to be immunised.   "We know this woman moved through the community while she was infectious so there have been many opportunities to spread the illness," he said.   "Measles is one of the most infectious diseases around. Breathing the same air as someone with measles is enough to catch the disease if you are not immune."   Extra vaccination supplies have been sent to GPs.    

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