UPGRADE: Proserpine State High School will get a major upgrade after funding of up to $6.5 million for additional classrooms was announced.
UPGRADE: Proserpine State High School will get a major upgrade after funding of up to $6.5 million for additional classrooms was announced. Aimee Vinci

Proserpine High School gets major upgrade

PROSERPINE State High School has received a $6.5 million boost in the State Budget to build a two-storey learning centre and additional classrooms to be ready for the increase in student population in 2020.

PSHS principal Don McDermid said the infrastructure upgrade was about enrolment-proofing the future of the school and providing enough facilities to cater for the greater number of students in 2020.

"It's amazing to have the investment in our school and the confidence in our school,” Mr McDermid said.

"We know that this will give us the opportunity to ensure that we have capacity in our school to cater for an increase in students, not just for 2020, but will take us into the years to come.

"There is an inclusion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) specific classrooms within this new building which will allow us to offer the latest and modern curriculum around STEM and once again broaden the opportunity of the students within that curriculum area.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said the 2020 Ready program was to cater for the 2007 introduction of prep in Queensland children.

The original 2007 cohort of prep students in Queensland had birthdays in the first half of the year, meaning they were a much smaller group known as a "half cohort”, and will graduate from high school in 2019.

"As you may remember, Queensland's first intake of preppies were those whose birthdays were in the first half of the calendar year - meaning theirs has always been a much smaller cohort of students, known as the 'half cohort'.

"Our next educational reform came in 2015, when we moved Year 7 into high school and established six years of secondary education, which was also supported with significant infrastructure investment.

"However, our smaller 'half cohort' has been in high school since 2015 too - meaning we have never had the full complement of students across all six year levels in our secondary schools.”

Ms Grace said, until now and through to 2020, high schools had been cushioned against the impact of having six full year levels.

"With the original prep students set to graduate from high school at the end of 2019, we will have, for the very first time, six full year levels of students in Queensland secondary schools from 2020,” she said.

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