Our pets aren't always this cute
Our pets aren't always this cute Christopher Chan

READERS DISCUSS: Disgusting things pets do

IF YOU ARE eating food right now, don't read this story.

We've all got a story about a disgusting thing or habit a pet we've owned has had.

The Bulletin asked readers recently: What is the most disgusting thing your pet has done?

Sylvia M - Allen Pooped all over my kitchen floor!!!! Had a tummy upset

Kieran Powell - Ate his big sloppy poo, then spewed it up on my front stairs, then ate his spew. Then slept where the spew was.

Valarie Hawkins - lol you win

Hannah Stark - Bahahahah. Does zen do anything right?!

Kieran Powell - He is the dumbest and most disgusting dog ever. He was in your yard at 1130 last night Hannah Stark. He some how unclipped himself and was sleeping on you verandah

Phil Twiner - Does anyone have a cat picking it's nose and flickin' it at birdies to top Keiran's entry?

Ryan Turnbull - Kieran wins.....

Amie Jackel - Went camping and our dog kept eating all of our poo in the bushes unsure emoticon

Karen Sutton - Catches & eats mice but leaves their faces for us as a gift on the mat (see photo)

Mykka Carmichael - Exactly what Kieran said except she threw it up in the kitchen and didn't sleep where it was

Alison Nancarrow - Licked my armpit. I nearly hurled

Chris Johnson - Took them to the beach & they found a maggot-infested rotting sting ray & rolled in that.

Carmen Challen - Popped inside where my baby could get his hands (and mouth) on it

Damo Scott - Eating her own poo.

Kieran Powell - I saw the whole thing, and he tried to lick and get pats off me. Denied my horrendously disgusting friend

Terry Horsley - The dogs eat the chooks poo and the chooks eat the dogs poo, recycling gone bad...hahaha

Stacey Kim Forrest - My dog ate my housemates kittens. I don't know about you but the worse thing I've ever had to clean up is HALF a kitten.

Cathy Stacey - Our dogs eat our cats poos and vomit, but I still think Kieran Powell wins!

Joanna Palmer - Rolled in rotten fish at the beach

Jessica-Europe Allen - Cat spewed on the bed AS I was climbing into it

Elizabeth Subritzky - My dog eats cat poo


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Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Friday, 5 June 2015

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