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Beer review: Blue Moon Belgian White

LAST time we were discussing the rise of gluten-free beer made from non-traditional grains like millet and rice.

A little bit of research (I'll drink to you Dr Google) shows that it is also quite possible to make beer from oats, rye, corn and sorghum.

The most common non-barley-based beer found on the shelves of your local bottle shop is probably going to be beer, which is made from wheat.

Experience has shown that some of these are particularly lovely drops, at least to my palate - thinking White Rabbit White Ale as a prime example here.

And when you start having a look through the shelves there is a fair variety available for selection.

Which is one of the reasons why Hugh the neighbour and I were recently tucking into a six pack of Blue Moon Belgian White.

(Actually, in the interests of full disclosure, the other reason was it was on special at my local Chapel of St Daniels but it kind of sounds better if I tell my bride it is in the name of research…)

This is a product of the giant USA Coors brewing, so not their first rodeo so to speak when it comes to putting beer in bottles.

Hugh had some German beer glasses, which had come with some import brews he had purchased - they have always been carefully washed and rinsed so as not to be contaminated by detergent and spend their life in a fridge when not being used for the purposes of drinking.

Try as we might, we still couldn't get the beer to hold a head in the glass.

It has a slightly cloudy look in the glass, is quite flavoursome showing a touch of citrus - however the promised coriander escaped both Hugh and me.

This is a nice enough beer, and well worth a try if you want some a little different or to go with Asian spicy Asian food.

PS: as a palate cleanser after the Blue Moon, Hugh dug a couple of Hatlifter Stouts out of the back of his beer fridge.

A product of the Victorian craft brewery Grand Ridge, was a lovely black colour in the glass, with loads of chocolate malty flavour in the mouth.

Not sure how common they are around the place but certainly worth the effort if you can find them.

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