Rocky road to frustration

BILL Edge has been complaining to Council about the condition of the boatyard road that leads to the family business Edge's Boatyard in Jubilee Pocket for almost a decade – and he still doesn't have any results.

Only a small part of the road, which runs off Shute Harbour Road, is the responsibility of Edge's Boatyard.

But Mr Edge argues that the remainder of the road is the responsibility of Council.

However, according to Whitsunday Regional Council's Transport and Infrastructure Services Department, this route is not a gazetted road – rather it is a road reserve. 

It is used for access to Edge's Boatyard and in the past, the Jubilee Pocket Sewerage Treatment Plant.

Council used to maintain a portion of it when the treatment plant was in use, but only the section up to the treatment plant rather than the whole road.

But now that the treatment plant has been decommissioned, Council no longer maintains that portion of the road.

Nor should it, according to program manager for transport John Teague.

“We don't maintain any section of the road because it is effectively a driveway,” Mr Teague said.

But Mr Edge said he still believed it was Council's responsibility to maintain the road and he has been in contact with the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

He said he would be prepared to meet Council halfway with the maintenance of the road; he just needs it to be fixed.

Mr Edge said the road problem was very frustrating for him and it was an impediment to his business.

“Council have never ever fixed the road,” he said.

“They use the road but they won't fix it.”

“If it was up to me I'd stop paying rates. They [Council] do nothing for us.”Mr Edge said that more than 100 people, including contractors, could use the road on any day.

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