Jimmy Garoppolo is way richer than he was last week.
Jimmy Garoppolo is way richer than he was last week.

Star scores biggest NFL contract in history

THE San Francisco 49ers have agreed a five-year deal with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo that is the largest in NFL history, it was reported on Friday.

The NFL Network said that Garoppolo and the 49ers have agreed a deal with a value of $A176.6 million through to 2023, with a guarantee of $95 million.

At an average of $35.3 million a year, it is the largest long-term contract in NFL history, reports said, eclipsing the $173 million deal signed by Matthew Stafford at the Detroit Lions, while Oakland's David Carr is pushed back to No. 3 with his five-year, $160 million pact with $111 million guaranteed.

Garoppolo was long considered to be the heir apparent to Tom Brady at the New England Patriots. Now, he'll be earning fatter cheques than the GOAT.


But the talented 26-year-old was sensationally traded to San Francisco last October.

Garoppolo has only started seven NFL games in his career - two with the Patriots and five with the 49ers - but has won all of them.

He sparked a late revival after joining the 49ers, guiding them to five consecutive victories to finish the season at 6-10 after being 1-10 when he arrived.

He's completed 67.4 per cent of his passes and thrown for seven touchdowns to five interceptions in his brief stint at the Niners.


Left tackle Joe Stanley said the 49ers' faith in Garoppolo continued to rise with every win.

"It's a team game and everything, and I think everyone would like to say their position is as important as any other," Stanley said on SiriusXM NFL radio.

"But we're not fooling anybody - it's a quarterback-driven (league). And you have to have a lot of confidence in that quarterback position. And Jimmy really gave us that spark at the end of the year."

The 49ers are expected to announce the contract at a press conference on Saturday.


Garoppolo's new deal is a sign quarterbacks will rule the NFL's off-season. Beginning with Alex Smith going to Washington when the league's new year starts next month, several quarterbacks will find new riches and many teams will land new quarterbacks in 2018.

The Philadelphia Eagles aren't just celebrating their first championship since 1960, but also an abundance of talent at the position in franchise QB Carson Wentz and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

Should Wentz's recovery go well, the Eagles will have a huge bargaining chip to restock their roster.

Wentz's recovery from knee surgery will be closely watched this off-season just like Aaron Rodgers' repaired collarbone in Green Bay and DeShaun Watson's torn ACL in Houston.

Both those teams figure to be contenders for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta in 2019 if their quarterbacks are healthy.

A dozen other teams will either jockey for their next star or dole out big bucks to keep the one they have.

Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees lead a large group of veteran quarterbacks lined up for big paydays and new opportunities that includes the Minnesota Vikings' trio of Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum and Sam Bradford.

Teams that miss out on one of the prized free agents can look to promising prospects in the draft that features Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph.

The quarterback carousel began in the days before the Super Bowl when Kansas City agreed to trade Smith to the Redskins.

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