Flowers at the scene in Hill St where Brandon Matthews (pictured) and Brad Girling were fatally stabbed on Saturday night.
Flowers at the scene in Hill St where Brandon Matthews (pictured) and Brad Girling were fatally stabbed on Saturday night. Rob Williams

Scene of horror

A WOMAN has described the horror of an Ipswich street as two young friends died following a knife attack.

The North Ipswich woman, who asked not to be named, was one of the first to offer assistance after hearing screams outside her house late on Saturday night.

The woman ran into Hill St, where the bodies of Brad Girling, 22, and Brandon Matthews, 18, lay on the road.

"When I went out there I saw a lot of blood - that's the main thing I remember," she told The Queensland Times.

"I thought someone had been hit by a car."

She joined a group of bystanders trying to save a man's life before paramedics and police arrived at the scene.

"It seemed like this man's heart had stopped, there was no pulse," she said.

"Some other people were there helping. A girl was there trying to help hold the man's chest."

Mr Girling, of East Ipswich, was confirmed dead at the scene when emergency services arrived. Mr Matthews died shortly after reaching Ipswich Hospital.

Another neighbour, Rhonda Knight, also raced to the scene.

"I was woken up just before 12 with this terrible screaming, a girl's scream," Ms Knight said.

"I went outside and saw people on the street. When I got up the street I saw the boy's face and it was grey, I just knew he was gone."

"There was so much blood.

"The girl was just hysterical, screaming and on her mobile to the ambos I think, and there were blokes standing around."

Ms Knight said she asked a police officer who was attending what she could do to help and ran back to her house to get a pillow and blankets when asked.

"When I got back he already had a pillow under his head, and I put the blanket over him."

"Seeing a young boy like that just dying - he had such a young face he looked like he was only 15 - it made me think this world sucks.

"I think he could have been saved, maybe if I got there earlier, but he had just bled out."

A 24-year-old Ipswich man who was also wounded in the incident was discharged from the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane on Sunday.

Yesterday the two men accused of murdering Mr Girling and Mr Matthews appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court, having been arrested and charged by Ipswich police on Sunday.

The courtroom was packed with relatives of the victims and the accused, as well as a crowd of journalists.

Ipswich men Luke Michael Jackson, 18, and Zachary Michael Maloney, 22, appeared one after the other in the dock wearing brown prison-issue tracksuits.

Neither said anything during the brief hearings, although Maloney appeared to mouth a message to his mother.

Both men are charged with two counts of murder and one count of acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm.

There was no application for bail and Magistrate Michael Quinn remanded the men in custody to appear again on February 8, at 2pm.

If the case proceeds it will be heard at Brisbane Supreme Court following a committal hearing in Ipswich.

Outside the court, the families of the two dead men declined to answer questions from waiting journalists.

Mr Girling's relatives had travelled from Wyong, near Newcastle in New South Wales, while Mr Matthews' family travelled from Gladstone.

According to the men's Facebook pages, both were engaged.

Mr Girling was father of a one-year-old boy. It is believed that both men were employed as meatworkers at JBS Australia at Dinmore.

Brandon Matthews' mother, Paula, has posted distraught messages on her public Facebook page.

"This is not real, make this pain go away I want my baby back ... My heart is shattered. I Love you my Bear RIP my boy," Ms Matthews wrote.

"I am going to see my baby bear today, then I will know this is real."

Brandon's Facebook friends in Gladstone remembered a "nice kid" with a "beautifully cheeky smile".

"He was a brother to me and all the Benaraby boys. It doesn't feel real, it feels like just yesterday I was going hunting with him and going fishing," wrote Corey Gibbings.

Brad Girling's father, John, simply posted "why?"

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