NEW START: John Giuliani and Nikki Perry opened the Emerald Golf Club restaurant last week.
NEW START: John Giuliani and Nikki Perry opened the Emerald Golf Club restaurant last week. Kristen Booth

Service with a big smile

MEETING only four days prior to their official opening, business partners Nikki Perry and John Giuliani certainly hit the ground running.

As the new owner of the Emerald Golf Club Restaurant, Mr Giuliani has taken on his dream and is loving every minute of it but said it wouldn't be possible without restaurant manager Ms Perry.

Ms Perry and Mr Giuliani were only introduced on Sunday, January 28, before the restaurant officially opened on Friday, February 2.

Mr Giuliani was looking for a change after previously opening four successful restaurants in Victoria and South Australia.

"It had to happen straight away, so we made it happen,” Mr Giuliani said.

"I'd been looking around for a change for a while,” he said.

"The golf club was for lease, I came and had a look last week and now we're here.”

Ms Perry has always had a passion for hospitality and although she has worked as a bar manager, her new role is quite different.

"I've never done things like menu design,” she said.

"It's little things like that that is new to me. It's a challenge and I'm loving it.

"It's so good to see smiles on people's faces at the end of the night. That is what I enjoy about it.”

Mr Giuliani said they hoped to create a restaurant that offers the complete dining experience, a good-quality meal at a fair price with a great family atmosphere.

"It's more than just going out for dinner and getting a meal, it's all about the service,” he said.

"We have the perfect balance. I know when I put the meal on the plate, it's the best that I can do and when it gets from there to there, my waitresses and service staff are going to just top it off.

"One can't work without the other. You need great food and great service.”

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, with the possibility to expand in the future.

To book a function or make a reservation, phone or text Nikki Perry on 0455136035.

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