Sex toy retrieval drama for man

A Maroochydore man had to call for help after finding himself in a tight and awkward position.
A Maroochydore man had to call for help after finding himself in a tight and awkward position.

A MAROOCHYDORE man was forced to call the Queensland Ambulance Service for assistance after he was unable to remove a sex toy lodged in his backside.

The sure-to-be embarrassing phone call for help was made about 8.30am.

Paramedics arrived soon after and took the man to Nambour General Hospital for treatment.

"He was quite distraught," an emergency services spokeswoman said.

It followed a recent spate of similar and bizarre incidents around Australia and abroad.

Late last month a man presented to the emergency department at the Auckland City Hospital with an eel stuck up his rectum.

The slippery intruder was confirmed by an X-ray and scan.

A month earlier a man in the Northern Territory thought he would be a bit cheeky with a party trick that involved setting off fire crackers between his buttocks.

It left the 23-year-old man with bad burns to his cheeks, back and genitals.

Yesterday, a Brisbane newspaper reported Queensland teenagers were risking their lives with the strange "butt chugging" practice, involving pouring alcohol into a rubber tube placed in the rectum.

It claimed ingesting alcohol this way was to speed up the intoxication process.

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