Jon Snow with the Wildlings.
Jon Snow with the Wildlings. HELENSLOAN

Shocked by 'Thrones' this week? Here's what's coming...


Do not read on if you have not seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. 

Maybe steer clear if you want no hint of what's to come next week.

(But if you're not a gutless wimp, scroll down to watch a teaser trailer)






Game of Thrones' latest episode has been hailed as the best of season five so far after the epic 20-minute zombie Battle of Hardhome left fans in little doubt that winter has arrived.

The terrifying Night's King (the one with the ice crown) raised the dead Wildings to join his undead troops while Daenerys announced her ambition to "break the wheel" and rule Westeros.

Oh and Sansa found out that her brothers Bran and Rickon aren't dead after all.

But if you thought all that was exciting, wait until you see the preview clip for next week's ninth episode. It might not be as dramatic but there's a lot to look forward to.

"The Dance of Dragons" promises a return to The Wall for Jon Snow and Daenerys "reluctantly overseeing a traditional celebration of athleticism".

There will be a visit to the Iron Bank for Mace, Arya encounters someone from her past and Stannis confronts a troubling decision.

"If a man knows what he is, he must fulfil his destiny," a voiceover says, before the Mother of Dragons claps her hands and crowds in the stadium roar.

Jon Snow's future this season remains in doubt because in the last of George RR Martin's books he is presumed dead after being stabbed by his mutinous comrades.

Other fan theories suggest that the Night's King has his eye on Jon as his successor after witnessing his heroics in the latest battle. Anything is possible with Thrones.


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