Single dad left ‘shocked’ by roadside drug test results

WHEN Daniel Stewart, 38, smoked marijuana, he assumed that was all he was putting in his body.

But he was rendered shocked when his roadside drug test came back with results he couldn't explain.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard the single father-of-four was pulled over on December 2, about 8.30am.

Police drug tested Stewart on Crescent Street, Gatton, and the results showed traces of marijuana and methylamphetamine.

Appearing in court with a charge of drug driving, Stewart pleaded guilty.

Representing Stewart's case, Duty Lawyer Andrew Gillard told Magistrate Kay Ryan his client claimed he had only smoked marijuana.

"My client is unaware how that methylamphetamine came to be in his sample," Mr Gillard said.

Magistrate Kay Ryan told Stewart there were some "not very nice people out there" who sold drugs.

"You're not the first person this morning (in court) who has said the same thing," Ms Ryan said.

"(Dealers) mix them together to get people hooked.

"So wherever you're getting that stuff from - don't."

She asked Stewart to consider how his actions would affect his children.

"What sort of model is this for your kids?" she said.

"I'm sure you don't want them taking drugs."

Ms Ryan told him the situation should serve as a lesson.

"Even if you thought it was okay to have a cone or something, this should be a big wake up call," she said.

"You have no idea what you're putting into your body."

Stewart was fined $550 and disqualified from driving for four months.

His conviction was recorded.

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